Modular excavator on Volvo EC300D

Adapted to make a multi-purpose excavator with 3 configurations for 3 different jobs (the 30-tonne base is increased to 35 tonnes in the demolition version with extension).

We have adapted this shovel for 3 different configurations:

  1. Straight boom configuration
  2. Curved boom configuration
  3. Straight boom configuration with 3-metre extension (provides a vertical reach of 14 metres at the end of the dipperstick)

The boom with hydraulic attachment can be used in 2 positions: straight boom (demolition) or curved boom (earthworks).

Changing the boom from the standard version to the straight configuration with extension takes less than an hour, thanks to the patented hydraulic locking system.

Here are the different solutions installed for this excavator:

  • 30° tilting cab
  • Integrated 2000 kg additional counterweight
  • Storage rack with walkway for easy mounting and changing of equipment

The recommended weight for the demolition grab is 2 tonnes maximum.

Options installed :

  • Automatic greasing system
  • Hydraulic air compressor
  • Emergency engine stop with damper
  • Dust suppression
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Modular excavator on Volvo EC300D

Modular excavator on Volvo EC300D

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