Our company

Soerma TP, a family business

Soerma TP has been working with you on all your special projects since 1996.

Soerma TP's strengths lie in developing and manufacturing solutions and equipment tailored to its customers' needs.

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Our business

As a player in the world of public works, our company relies on the strength of a leading group in hydraulic equipment: Vensys, and its company Hydrokit.

Our strength lies in combining hydraulics with mechanically-welded assemblies to develop quality solutions tailored to every need, for all makes and all sectors.

The site

Soerma TP / Mecanokit is based in Le Poiré-sur-Vie, in the Vendée. Our site brings together the 2 parts of our company:

The 5,300 m2 workshop where machines and equipment are modified and manufactured. It houses all the production resources we need for steel processing.

The offices, where our R&D Department is based. Experts in mechanics, hydraulics and electronics. This is where our solutions are designed and developed. This area also houses our quality department, which tests our products in order to obtain self-certification or approval by an accredited body, to ensure product traceability and longevity.

The design office

The Soerma TP design office is made up of 4 engineers specialising in hydraulics, mechanics and electrical engineering

They will help you study your projects and draw up technical plans for the production of your hydro-mechanical assemblies.

Our production tools

  • 2 numerically controlled lathes
  • 20 jib cranes with capacities ranging from 125 to 4000 kg
  • 5 bridges weighing 5 tonnes and 2 weighing 10 tonnes
  • 2 presses of 200 and 300 tonnes
  • 2 boring machines with 1 of 28 tonnes
  • A spare parts shop with a large stock of Hydrokit with 25,000 references
  • Mixed cutting bench: plasma / oxy-fuel cutting 2500 x 6000
  • Milling machine: Machine tool for machining all types of parts
  • Punching machine: metal forming
  • Guillotine shears for cutting sheet metal up to 12 mm thick
  • Paint booth 18 x 5 m
  • 20 MIG welding stations and 1 TIG station

Soerma TP Service

Soerma TP brings its know-how to bear by supporting our customers from the design stage right through to commissioning of the equipment in the field, working together to develop your project from specifications through to the finished product.

Our services

  • Design or transform all types of equipment, mainly excavators, to improve their hydraulic and mechanical performance, increase their safety and make them more comfortable and practical, by proposing specific equipment.
  • Designing and carrying out customised hydraulic assembly/piping at the request of manufacturers.
  • Finite element structural calculations
  • Risk analysis
  • Approval and certification of the equipment supplied