Wagon pusher loader

For pushing or pulling material wagons on quarry sites.

What does a wagon pusher bring?

  • Mobile machine capable of either pulling or pushing wagons
  • Equipped with a compressor to release the braking system

Technical description welded section

  • Rear shock absorber fixed to the weight of the machine.
  • Front pusher fixed in place of the bucket on the machine's arms.
  • Cylinders and connecting rods replaced by fixed support bars.

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Wagon pusher loader

Wagon pusher loader

What can we do for you?

Thanks to an ingenious system devised by our design office, the wagon pusher is ideally suited to coupling, loading and positioning your wagons on SNCF tracks. This wagon pusher allows the agent to manoeuvre and couple in complete simplicity to carry out the tasks of loading goods into the wagon. The cab of the wagon pusher features a complete control system, including air pressure.

This system has been adapted for use on a Caterpillar 966H loader in a quarry. Here is the work done by the agent with our wagon pusher:

Hitching up the wagon Loading the goods into the wagon Placing the wagon on the SNCF rails Unhitching the wagon The SNCF comes with a train to pick up the wagons and take them to their destination.

This adaptation was carried out in collaboration with Bergerat MonnoyeurHydrokit and our customer Carrières Roy.

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You can watch the video below of our system installed on a Caterpillar 966H loader: