Rotating boom

Allows you to work with inverted equipment for gallery work.

Product benefits

  • Adapted kinematics for work in tunnels under vaults
  • Maintenance of auxiliary lines for various tools

Soerma TP provides the following services:

  • Modification of the original boom.
  • Installation of a crown wheel with hydraulic motor.
  • Installation of a rotary joint depending on the number of hydraulic passages required.
  • Mounting on carrier and installation of control circuit.
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Rotating boom

Rotating boom

What can we do for you?

Explanations and video

The rotating boom rotates through 360°, enabling the operator to perform a variety of tasks at height. The rotating boom is controlled from the driver's seat by a pedipad located in the lower left-hand corner of the cab.

Adaptable to hydraulic excavators with tracks or tyres, the rotating equipment consists of :

  • A mechanically-welded boom foot comprising a round roller (identical to the rotation of a lower-tonnage excavator turret) driven by a braked hydraulic motor.
  • A rotating welded boom nose acting as the end of the boom.
  • A standard retro dipper.

The equipment is fed via an 8-port rotary joint.

List of work carried out

  • Working with a backhoe

Re-profiling embankments or ditches, scraping and cleaning ceilings and sidewalls.

  • Tree stump remover

Comprising a cutting blade and an extraction fork, this tool cuts the roots under the stumps and extracts them by digging with the fork.

  • Pruning shears - Pruner

The perfect positioning of the tool in relation to the orientation of trees or branches ensures 

  • Jackhammer

Removal and cleaning of casting ladles in steelworks or ripping out underground or tunnels.

  • Purge tool

Extraction of boulders from the ceiling or side walls.

  • Positioner

Allows the unit to be held in place on ceilings or side walls.