High tipping bucket

Soerma TP offers this product: the high-dump bucket for loaders.

What does the high-dump bucket do?

  • For dust suppression on your worksites
  • Optional: claw to hold material in the bucket
  • Large capacity

Soerma TP provides the following services:

E36 steel case

With hardox 400 blade and counter-blade

With 2 vertical side jacks with internal shock absorbers

With rigid rear pipes

Mounted directly or by quick-release fastener

Limit switch

Models :

Range (Tons)Width (mm)SAE volume (L)Density (T/m3)
11 - 14260030000,50
15 - 18285040000,50
18 - 24300050000,50
25 - 30320065000,50
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High tipping bucket

High tipping bucket

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