Log grapple

Tool for transporting logs.

What does a log grapple do?

  • Makes it easier to pick up and transport logs with a conventional loader
  • Can be fitted in place of the bucket using standard or quick-release fasteners
  • Handling of large volumes: trunks of 6 to 8 metres can be transported
  • Several applications: storing logs or loading them onto trucks
  • Adaptable to the machine: fits in place of the bucket on loaders from 17 to 50 tonnes
  • Greater safety: the clamp blocks the logs, so they cannot tip over.

Soerma TP provides the following services:

Suitable for loaders from 17 to 50 tonnes

E36 steel material

2 hydraulic cylinders with end-of-stroke cushioning

With wear plates

Ready to fit

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Log grapple

Log grapple

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