Root Windrower

Windrower for forestry and public works machinery from 14 to 24 tonnes.

What does the fleco windrower do for you?

  • Used to windrow the remains of cut tree waste and uprooted stumps
  • Can be mounted on an excavator like a bucket in the back or ridge position
  • Interchangeable teeth can be fitted
  • 2 opposing tines for certain rake-type models

Soerma TP provides the following services:

Suitable for excavators from 14 to 24 tonnes

Consists of 5 ridge tines and 2 retro tines

E36 steel structure with 5 Hardox 400 ridge tines and 2 interchangeable retro tines

Standard or quick-fit attachment

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Root Windrower

Root Windrower

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