Self-operated Stump crusher

A tool for chipping stumps.

Big gain of time with rotative stump crusher : From the non stop perfomance of the mechanical stump crusher, this model completely independant is approved by our customers. Lighter and more efficient, this machine can destroy the roots of the trees in a few minutes. Such a success lead us toward a complete range from 6 to 10 Tons, from 13 to 17 Tons, from 18 to 24 Tons.

What does a stump crusher offer ?

  • Versatility: dig up, crush or chip stumps. When the stump is dislodged, it is shaken to reduce its weight. Stumps and roots are reduced to smaller pieces for easier transport.
  • Easy to adapt: supplied by original high-speed line
  • Precision: removing stumps without damaging the surrounding area
  • Productivity gains: no need to transport stumps

Rips, shreds and chips stumps.

Following on from the success of the mechanical stump breaker, which led to the creation of our first stump-destroying equipment, our customers have come to appreciate this completely autonomous, lighter and much more effective model! 

They can be used to rip up, split and reduce all types of wood-based materials in forests, as well as at waste collection sites and similar locations.

The success of the 6 to 10-tonne model has given rise to a complete range of 3 types of equipment: 6 to 10 tonnes - 13 to 17 tonnes - 18 to 24 tonnes.

Soerma TP provides the following services:

Adaptable to excavators from 6 to 24 tonnes

Structure in E36 steel and Hardox 400 guaranteeing mechanical resistance over time

Powered by a high-flow double-acting auxiliary line

Operated by lugs with pins or quick coupler

Option: 360° tool rotation

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Self-operated Stump crusher

Self-operated Stump crusher

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