Border Machine

Make your own borders.

Discover this self-contained kerbing machine, designed and built entirely by Soerma TP.

Time saving in comparison with the installation of prefabricated borders. 

Easy to use : just start the motor and feed the machine with concrete. 

Increased productivity : max speed : 2.75 metres/minutes (depending upon pattern). 

Stock reduction : no need to stock different border profiles. 

Border curve : Easy to execute using the handle bars. 

Easy to carry : fits in the boot of a car.

Applications : Road works, green areas, private landscape gardenning.

What does the Méca-Bordure bring?

  • Stand-alone machine for making and laying kerbs
  • Saves time compared with installing prefabricated kerbs
  • Simple to use: simply start the engine and feed the machine with concrete
  • Improved productivity: maximum speed: 2.75m/min (depending on profile)
  • Reduced stocks: no need for different edgings
  • Easy-to-use handlebar for curved edges
  • Easy to transport: fits in the boot of your car
  • Works with a majority of referenced road profiles

Soerma TP provides the following services:

Supply of the Méca-Bordure with 1 profile of your choice

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Border Machine

Border Machine

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