Hydraulic offset boom

Soerma TP is an expert in boom offsets. This modification is very useful for working along walls, cleaning ditches and working on pipes. Available in a range of kinematics, with offset on boom noses or double offset.

What does an offset boom provide?

  • Larger working range for jobs not accessible with standard equipment
  • Adapted kinematics for working with a bucket flat at the bottom of a pit
  • Can be fitted to chain or tyre excavators with one-piece or articulated booms, depending on their configuration
  • Adaptable to backhoe loader booms fitted with standard or telescopic dipperstick
  • Exploded view of wear parts (clickable link)

Soerma TP provides the following services:

Service on complete machine or boom alone

Modification of the boom in our workshops

Painting Supply of a declaration of incorporation

Supply of a user manual

Double parallel offset

Double offset boom Backhoe and mini-excavator offset

The offset is fitted in our workshops

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Hydraulic offset boom

Hydraulic offset boom

What can we do for you?

Type D offsets
Type DS offset

Hydraulic offset control

DescriptionPrice € excl. VAT < 16 tonsPrice € excl. VAT > 16 tons
V1Diversion of stave line using manual valves. Use of existing control system (manipulator/pedibulator).428,00580,00
V2Changeover from single-acting to double-acting line and diversion via manual valves. Use of existing control system (manipulator/pedipulator).1 485,001 680,00
V3= V1 with electric valve + switch.2 355,003 194,00
V41 free dispenser on the machine. To be added: Protection + control (manipulator/pedibulator).2 017,002 262,00
V5Predisposed machine: Fitting of pressure limitation and control.--
V6Independent mounting: spool valve + protection + control5 043,005 350,00