Tiltable cleaning bucket

Soerma TP offers this trapezoid bucket to suit your equipment.

What does a cleaning bucket do?

  • For a perfect finish on loose floors
  • Godet spécifique adapté à la dimension de votre équipement

Soerma TP provides the following services:

Standard or customised bucket for excavators up to 100 tonnes

Attachment with standard lugs or quick couplers

Made from Hardox 400 and E363 steel

For mini-excavators up to 2.5 tonnes

WidthVolume SAE
800 mm80 litres
1000 mm90 litres

For a 2.5 to 4 tonne mini-excavator

WidthVolume SAE
1000 mm140 litres
1200 mm170 litres

For a 4.5 to 6.5 tonne mini-excavator

WidthVolume SAE
1000 mm170 litres
1200 mm200 litres
1400 mm230 litres

For a 6.5 to 10 tonne mini-excavator

WidthVolume SAE
1500 mm250 litres
1800 mm300 litres

For an 11 to 14 tonne excavator

WidthVolume SAE
1800 mm435 litres
2000 mm485 litres

For an 15 to 18 tonne excavator

WidthVolume SAE
1800 mm630 litres
2000 mm705 litres
2200 mm780 litres

For an 19 to 24 tonne excavator

WidthVolume SAEPoids
2000 mm860 litres790 kg
2200 mm955 litres854 kg
2500 mm1040 litres950 kg

For an 25 to 30 tonne excavator

WidthVolume SAE
2000 mm1010 litres
2200 mm1120 litres
2500 mm1285 litres
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Tiltable cleaning bucket

Tiltable cleaning bucket

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