Boom attachment

Incorporation of a boom quick coupler after the lift cylinders.

What does an boom quick release do?

  • Quick release of equipment
  • Kinematics adapted to earthmoving and medium-height demolition
  • Upgradeable machine: can be fitted with different equipment (long-reach cleaning, demolition, handling)
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Boom attachment

Boom attachment

What can we do for you?

Soerma TP provides the following services:

Incorporation of a boom quick coupler after the lift cylinders

Original boom nose with two working positions (straight boom or banana boom)

Modification of the original piping

Screw-in push/pull and multi-hydraulic coupler

Mechanical locking of boom attachment


Hydraulic locking with cab switch.

What does this option do?

Makes it easy to change equipment in less than 30 minutes

Safe operation (no manual intervention)

Technical specifications:

Supply/mounting of a hydraulic kit for attaching the boom foot

Controlled by switch in cab