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Shovel tunnel in action (1).JPG |Voir photo gallery full of the Volvo EC300D

Shovel tunnel in action (1).JPG

Soerma TP vient de réaliser 2 pelles long reach sur base de porteurs Caterpillar 390D L.

Élévation de cabine sur pelle Caterpillar 3200L

Nouvel équipement forestier CFM550

Après le CFM400, ASE sort la nouvelle fendeuse de bûches sur engins mobiles.

Pelle polyvalente volvo

Soerma TP est capable d'adapter toutes pelles pour tous types de travaux |realisation of a multi-purpose shovel in picture |Explication on the multi-purpose shovel on a Volvo

Specific equipment: A pusher of cars adapted by SOERMATP and HYDROKIT

SOERMA TP make personalised studies and specific kits for construction, forestry, quarry, demolition equipment.

Demolition product range: hydraulic offset, boom extension, auxiliary line, demolition equipment, hydraulic tilting cab, elevating cab...
Forestry product range: stump destruction, rake, log grapple, forestry screening protection, logging equipment, adaptation to forestry winch ...

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Machine for making borders: €1997 net start

Range of forestry equipment in ASE

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Excavator versatile and modular


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